A Twirl 1 sequel.
Implemented in 2005 as enhanced version of TWIRL 1.
Gives more advanced effects, but needs more powerful PC than Twirl 1.

Developed in 2005 as demo of code-generated graphics for DirectX 8.0.
Also target was to have small executable.
Fixed shading pipeline used.


- open-mind watching makes you feel unreal,
- 30 KB *.exe
- needs DirectX 8.0 and sound card,
- pure C code, optimized math for 3D T&L used,


How to reach best results

- compatible with Twirl 1, so simply follow the rules ;)
- relax
- free your mind
- open your mind
- play good music, some trance maybe,
- weed in ur lung, cup of alc,

After watching Twirl 2 for 10-60 minutes - look at anything.

The download

DOWNLOAD TWIRL 2 - *.exe 30 KB
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