I'm Roman Pietrzak (aka Yosh). This is my personal website. You'll find here:
  • Personal info: what I do, portfolio, my projects and contact info
  • Code: technical arts, documentation for projects, some code experiments (webGL, directX)
  • Life: arts about personal finances, health, migration to Poland, stock exchange, startups and psychology
  • Resources: link-holders, gfx concepts, lists of stuff like games, reviews of things

About me

My real name is Roman Pietrzak. Yosh is my nickname since LAN parties and hours of Starcraft battles.

Coder, Engineer, Software Developer

I'm a Software Developer. Engineer. I think at "expert" level.
I've worked in software development since 1987. Yep, I made my first "program" when I was 6 years old.
  • Take a look at some things I am involved in at Projects Page, my history of work (aka portfolio) and some other info at my "How to hire me" page
  • I do full-stack web development:
    • with node.js, JavaScript (including ES6), using HTML and CSS, playing a lot with webGL and Websockets
    • autotesting with Selenium, Jest, Mocha and few others
    • using k8s (Kubernetes), helm, Grafana, Prometheus, Jenkins, circleCI etc. for dev-ops-ish work
    • In past I used a lot of PHP and CoffeeScript. Years ago I worked with Flash and ActionScript.
  • I coded with C, C++ and Java and also little bit of assembler (ARM, SH4, MIPS). I really like Qt and QML. Also, I worked with Pascal and even Basic yeeeears ago.
    • I'm expert in Digital TV (SetTopBox, IPTV, MPEG, DVB etc.). I was working with CPU's from Broadcom and ST. My last embedded project was SkyQ Set Top Box
    • I did a lot of stuff for embedded platforms (IoT and industrial). I love ARM, Cortex. I understand basics of VHDL and electronics/PCB design.
  • I make my life easier scripting things with node.js and Python. I love TDD and automation.
  • I'm good with whole DDDD (Discover-Design-Develop-Deliver). I did software design/architecture, implementation, testing, integration. I did project management and team leading.

My public profiles

  • Skype: yosheeck
  • LinkedIn - public Linkedin profile
  • Github/yosheeck - mostly Mojaloop work, but also few more personal commits
  • stack overflow - time spared to help
  • Reddit - another time spared to help and drop opinions
  • Freelancer.com profile - my old freelancing profile on Freelancer (former vWorker, former RentACoder). It's 5/5 points for all jobs !
  • CodeCanyon - some PHP work I've published on Envato Market years ago
  • I play games from time to time:
    • Kongregate - playing web games, more about stuff I played:
    • Steam - and some more serious playing
  • Wikipedia profile - few minor corrections
  • twitter - few tweets here and there.
  • soundcloud - I was playing drums years ago (2007). Published 2 recordings: Live 2008 in Żnin and 1st Demo (2007)
  • Facebook - it's censored, it's retarted, it's brain washing waste of time. Call me old, yeah... I prefer reddit or old-school forums related to specific subject or anything with brain.


Don't hesitate to contact me by y(at)ke.mu. Some more contact info on my CV page

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