The slot for a job below has been filled.
At the moment I'm not looking for a new person to join Kemu team.
Feel free to send me your CV if you wish to be considered in future.

The job

About the employer

I'm the person, not the company.
We will work together to achieve project goals, not just sit for 8 hours to fill the time.
We will talk instead of filling management tables...


I'm experienced coder (software engineer) running Kemu Studio.
My current main project is Digital TV engineering for Ericsson in Southampton, UK.
Most of my background is development for Digital TV, web (front/back/api), desktop (linux/windows) and embeded devices.
But I'm involved in few different projects.
My bussiness is registered in two countries: Kemu Studio Limited in UK and Kemu Studio in Poland.

The job background

I work with few people for software, hardware and gfx development. Most of the work is done remotely.
However the amount of work I do daily, is growing constantly. I need someone, who will take care of some of it.
Most of that will be programming for the projects I mentioned here.

What we do

We do projects: we select best technologies to complete goals, then work hard with it and then we're happy :)
We also try to have fun with it. Of course not all of the IT is fun - but at least we try.

We improve: we spend time learning new techs to have a variety of tools in the hand. We spend time for our own R&D.
But we're also aware that not everything looking new-and-shiny is a perfect tool for work.

How we work

We work at strange hours (why not Saturday at 04:00?) - because we like it, because we're not 9-to-17 people.

At the moment we use Skype to talk, GIT to share code, Linux and Windows as workstations.
We work with PHP, CoffeeScript, JavaScript, jQuery, node.js, C++, QT, GL (webGL, openGL), Java - and a lot of other buzzwords - subject to change anytime :)
We use Selenium (through node.js and mocha.js) to TDD and auto-test web.
However we like improvements - anything my be changed with your influence. Improve !!!

How we pay

For an hour/day/month - up to you.
Employment vs B2B contract- up to you.
As for amounts - to be discussed.


Preference: The partner over the employee

Due to nature of the work, I'd prefer someone with a lot of commitment. The best person would be more a partner not an employee.
This means: not the 8h/5d approach, this is your company - take care of it
This means: you will take part in creating ideas and selecting what we'll do next - we'll going to discuss things
This means: if we win, all of us win (translation: if company is earning a lot of money, you are getting a lot of money too)

Other stuff

  • You are creative: when you're left alone, you'll invent something, not "sitting and doing nothing because no one told me what to do" approach.
  • When we need solution: you'll try to find one, not say "we can't do that, because there is no existing solution to it"
  • You like challanges: when we say let's do this or that, let's do some magic - you say "yeah, let's do it", not "naaah, but..."
  • You like to talk: let's have a vision, let's explain it, let's agree or disagree, let's share the vision, let's do it then. Don't keep stuff to yourself. Read about Waigaya by Saichiro Honda.
  • You select best tools for a situation: don't say "I know C++, I'll do everything in C++" - we know everything can be done in C++, but it's waste of effort. "When you have a hammer, everything looks like a nail" - NO !!!

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