Londonlink: full stack software dev

You: you like building software and/or infra (dev, devops, sdet)

We: we are a small team building a financial/security/crypto stack.
The Company: financial, 10 years old, trusted bitcoin brokerage, profitable, startup-feeling. The tech team is small and agile.
We work: 99% remotely. It would be good to meet a few times and have a chat, but we work from anywhere.

Our current stack

TLDR: (node.js + react) @ AWS

We code frontend with react + TypeScript + Chakra.
We code server-side in JavaScript(node.js) + TypeScript using well-known libraries (express) and practices (rest, websockets).
We use Mongo as data store (we used postgresql in the past), we're going to use Kafka soon for messaging/event store.
If you know DDD (Domain Driver Design), CQRS, Event Sourcing - that's really good, but don't worry if not, we'll get there together.
We deploy with Docker, AWS Amplify (frontend), AWS CDK (backend), we'll move to K8s (kubernetes) soon.
We auto-test everything with mocha, chai and selenium (frontend).

Our future stack

We like to improve things. The team decides where to go next. We will listen to your ideas.


You: you know some of that (the more the better), nothing is mandatory.
We don't say "you are frontend guy" or backend or devops or tester - if you want to specialize it's fine, but the vertical understanding of what we are building is the most appreciated.
You may like some things more than other and we all share the workload with common sense.
You're expected to learn a lot about tech, but also about the product domain - how the company works and what the company needs.

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