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This is a mind map about startups.


A very good text about Startups: Startup Advice Briefly

I like:
  • "The best startup ideas are the ones that seem like bad ideas but are good ideas"
  • "Don’t work with people you don’t have a good feeling about"
  • "Every day, figure out what the 2 or 3 most important things for you to do are. Do those and ignore other distractions."
  • "Work really hard. Everyone wants a secret to success other than this; if it exists, I haven’t found it yet."
  • "Keep doing this for 10 years."


Paul Graham: How to start a startup
YCombinator: Do Things that Don't Scale
YCombinator: How to raise money

Startup Matrix

Startup Matrix in Markdown format
Startup Matrix as github project

What is the flavour of culture in your company

What's your target ?
Good exit ? Good IPO ?
Nice place, nice team, cool projects ?
The tech or the money ?

From Quora:
  • Some companies are dominated by engineering. HP was one. Sales was irrelevant compared to building the best product.
  • Some are dominated by data, like Google.
  • Others may be dominated by Product Management or Strategy.
  • Cisco is Sales. No-one else counts, no other function can win. It is sales all the way.
    And Sales is always a cut-throat culture if it is not mediated.


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