In 2017 I started collecting info and screenshots of games I'm playing at the moment.
Each entry is like a very very short review of a game I spent some time on.

Of course, I play games for 30+ years, so what you see below is just small part of history.
I play mostly games related to strategy, economy, growth, science and building: RTS, Tower Defense, tycoons. Some IDLE games too.


  • Archives: I sometimes want to get back to a game and can't find it (not even a name). So it's just useful to have a collection of screenshots/reminders.
  • Discovery: I want to inspire anyone looking for cool games. Revert that... sometimes I look for a cool relaxing game and can really find quickly the flavour of a game I'd like to play at the moment. For example, - I was thinking for many years about a game like that (I had similar idea) and then suddenly boom - somebody just created that one !
  • Appreciation: Support developers of good games


The rating is a 5-point scale. It's strongly subjective "feeling" about the coolness of the game. It follows the idea:
  • 5 - I loved it
  • 4 - I really liked it
  • 3 - I liked it
  • 2 - I didn't like it
  • 1 - I hated it

Recent (played in 2017-2019)

  • 4/5 incremancer - Zombie upgrades, half-idle game. Liked it, although it became too repetitive at some point.

  • 5/5 Transport Fever - relaxing railroad/transport builder. I like the default US and Europe campaigns - not too hard to complete, just enough to relax.

  • 5/5 Roads of Rome - time management, resource management, 40 levels of 5-10 minutes play, but it takes a while to complete them on "expert" level. I love the graphics and music - great game for relax time.

    There is Kongregate based flash demo of Roads of Rome if you wanna check before you buy.
  • 5/5 Little Kingdom - nice and simple RTS, fast resource management, quick to play, but also quite challenging.

  • 3/5 World explore - simple IDLE game, with simple resources management, simple science and map discovery. Takes few weeks to discover whole map.

  • 4/5 Supply Chain Idle - quite non-trivial idle game.
  • 4/5 - singleplayer, defense, upgrades, mining. Great & simple graphics.
  • 4/5 - multiplayer, very simple RTS. I was really surprised how that simple game can be that good.
  • 3/5 Brave Shorties 2 - Simple strategy/tactic game. You build a formation of "brave shorties" and send them to battle. Then use some magic to help them. Strategy/tactic involves managing money (cost of your army), formation of the army and managing spells. In long term quite repetitive.

  • 3/5 Witch Hunt - Tower defense, magic, fantasy style. Runes, upgrades, good fun.

  • 5/5 Trapped 2 - Quick (15 minutes), logic/adventure/puzzle game, mouse only
  • 4/5 Escape3 - Quick (15 minutes), logic/adventure/puzzle game, very nice gfx, atmospheric
  • 5/5 Dothack - Cell based, fast tactic/strategy, RTS, quick game !

  • 4/5 Swarm Queen - Cool, simple strategy/defense game. 5-10 hours gameplay. A bit a Starcraft parody. Flash based.

  • 4/5 Dinogen - shooter, keyboard walking + mouse aiming, nice scenario aroud dinosaurs missions, but a bit repetitive
  • 3/5 Cows vs Vikings : Tower Defence - it's just a DEMO (3 levels only). Nice tower defence, a bit too simplified and repetitive
    + beautiful gfx
    - lack of "speed up" button
    - repetitive and a bit generic, nothing new in tower defense

Older (played before 2017)

  • 4/5 Demonrift TD - simple old-school tower defense with simple skills growth
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