Dummies disc is a kind of experiment. It is not useful in any way. Really !


This is demo of simple A.I. algorithms of best solution seeking.
Dummies disc teaches how to use "deep-search", "breadth-search" and "a-star" search.
Written with DirectX 8 API. It doesn't use any external graphic (only font is imported, no .png or .jpg files used in project) - all graphic is generated with code.
Written in 200x (don't even remember what the x may be).
It's a proof of concept... of some concept...


Imagine a ring (a toro). The ring contains 8 separated parts (slice) - every part the same size, but different color.
Imagine 3 more rings as same as that one before. Each smaller than the previous...
You've got Disk of Dummies - look at image below:

Now, spin randomly each ring in any direction you want, as many times as you want. You'll get something similar to this:

The GOAL is to turn the disk back to the ordered state with MINIMAL SET OF MOVES. The MOVE is defined as turning one ring by 45 degrees in any direction.

It looks simple - and it IS simple. The problem is 4-year-child level. So, what's the point ?
The math behind it... A thousands of hard-math problems similar to this - but large scale...

The screenshot

The "application" look'n'feel:

click to enlarge


If you really want this... Download and share - this is freeware:

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