Welcome to Yosh's site.

This is a mix of few IT technical arts, few documentation projects, some code experiments, a little bit of link-holders and some personal info.

About me:
  • I'm expert of software engineering.
    I'm involved in software design, implementation, testing, integration etc. since 1987 - yep, I made my first "program" when I was 6 years old ;)
    • Take a look at some things I am involved in: Projects Page and some other in my CV
    • I code with C, C++ and Java and little bit of assembler (ARM, SH4, MIPS). I really like Qt and QML. Also, I worked with Pascal and even Basic yeeeears ago.
      • I'm expert in Digital TV (SetTopBox, IPTV, MPEG, DVB etc.). I was working with CPU's from Broadcom and ST.
      • I did a lot of stuff for embedded platforms (IoT and industrial). I love ARM, Cortex. I understand basics of VHDL and electronics design.
    • I do full-stack web development with node.js, PHP, JavaScript, CoffeeScript, using HTML and CSS, playing a lot with webGL and Websockets, autotesting with Selenium and Mocha. Years ago I worked a lot with Flash and ActionScript.
    • I make my life easier scripting things with node.js and Python. I love TDD and automation.
  • my profiles in The Net
  • don't hasitate to contact me by y(at)ke.mu
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