Welcome to Yosh's site.

This is a mix of few IT technical arts, few documentation projects, some code experiments, a little bit of link-holders and some personal info.

About me

My real name is Roman Pietrzak.
Yosh is my nickname since LAN parties and hours of Starcraft battles.

I'm expert in Software Engineering.
I'm involved in software development (design, implementation, testing, integration etc.) since 1987 - yep, I made my first "program" when I was 6 years old.
  • Take a look at some things I am involved in at Projects Page and some other at my CV page
  • I code with C, C++ and Java and little bit of assembler (ARM, SH4, MIPS). I really like Qt and QML. Also, I worked with Pascal and even Basic yeeeears ago.
    • I'm expert in Digital TV (SetTopBox, IPTV, MPEG, DVB etc.). I was working with CPU's from Broadcom and ST. I currently work on SkyQ Set Top Box
    • I did a lot of stuff for embedded platforms (IoT and industrial). I love ARM, Cortex. I understand basics of VHDL and electronics design.
  • I do full-stack web development with node.js, PHP, JavaScript, CoffeeScript, using HTML and CSS, playing a lot with webGL and Websockets, autotesting with Selenium and Mocha. Years ago I worked a lot with Flash and ActionScript.
  • I make my life easier scripting things with node.js and Python. I love TDD and automation.

My profiles


Don't hesitate to contact me by y(at)ke.mu. Some more contact info on my CV page

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